Los 50 top BigData users de twitter


Jen Cohen Crompton, realizó un estudio sobre las principales influencias en twitter relacionadas a Big Data.

A partir de su investigación, creó un ranking con los 50 usuarios más influenciadores  red social.

Acá les entregamos la lista de sus @nombres para que estén a al tanto de las últimas opiniones, tendencias y noticias relacionadas al tema!

Como nos gustó tanto la idea, estamos trabajando en un ranking chileno de las influencias en BigData y Predictive Analytics. Muy pronto lo publicaremos!

Ranking Top 50 Big Data User


 @ibmbigdata – IBM Big Data
Talking about the challenges and approaches to handling Big Data. Primarily managed by @TheSocialPitt – http://www.ibm.com/bigdata · http://www.smartercomputingblog.com/category/big-data/

@bigdata – Ben Lorica
Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing resources from Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist @OReillyMedia– San Francisco, CA · 

@BigDataAnalysis – John Akred
Big Data R&D Lead at Accenture Technology Labs, Musician, Engineer, Technologist, Analog Audio and Vacuum Tube lover, Provocateur. These thoughts are my own. – Chicago / San Jose ·http://www.linkedin.com/pub/john-akred/1/b0a/320

@imbigdata – Manish Bhatt
News and Updates about BigData, NoSQL, Hadoop, BI and other Big Data related technologies from BigData enthusiast Manish Bhatt

@bobgourley – Bob Gourley
A CTO. Also find me @CTOvision and @CTOlist. National Security, Cyber Security, Enterprise IT and tech fun are key topics of interest.
Washington, DC · http://ctovision.com



@klintron – Klint Finley
I write for SiliconAngle. I also run Technoccult and build strange soundscapes.
Portland, OR · http://klintfinley.com


@KristenNicole2  Kristen Nicole
News editor at SiliconANGLE, writer at Appolicious, recovering social media addict – http://kristennicole.com

@dhinchcliffe – Dion Hinchcliffe
Business strategist, enterprise architect, keynote speaker, book author, blogger, & consultant on social business and next-gen enterprises. – Washington, D.C. · http://dachisgroup.com

@dmkimball05 – Dan Kimball
CMO at Kontagent, helping companies interpret patterns in social & mobile data to optimize their customer economics – San Francisco, CA · http://www.linkedin.com/in/danielkimball

@HadoopNews – John Ching
Latest news about Hadoop, NoSQL & BigData from John Ching, Big Data Guru, Consultant, and Evangelist for BI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics

@medriscoll – Michael E. Driscoll
I ♥ Big Data, analytics, and visualization. – San Francisco, CA ·http://medriscoll.com/

@peteskomoroch – Pete Skomoroch
My mission is to create intelligent systems that help people make better decisions. Principal Data Scientist @LinkedIn. Machine Learning, Hadoop, Big Data.
Silicon Valley · http://datawrangling.com

@hmason – Hilary Mason
chief scientist @bitly. Machine learning; I ♥ data and cheeseburgers.
NYC · http://www.hilarymason.com

@TimGasper – Tim Gasper
@Infochimps product manager, @Keepstream co-founder, techie, app addict, music writer/lover, #BigData, #Cloud – Austin, TX · http://timgasper.com

@flowingdata – Nathan Yau
Data, visualization, and statistics. Author of ‘Visualize This.’ Background in eating. – California ·http://flowingdata.com

@bradfordcross – Bradford Cross
design and data @prismatic – San Francisco · http://getprismatic.com/

@CityAge – City Age
We amplify good ideas through unique dialogues and their associated campaigns. We’re now organizing The Data Effect, amid other projects. – Vancouver, BC · http://www.thedataeffect.org
Klout – 32

@BigDataExpo – Big Data Expo
Join 30,000+ Delegates in 2012 at World’s Largest #Cloud Events! New York [June 11-14] Silicon Valley [Nov 5-8] Register & Save! ▸ http://bit.ly/tucY2B – New York/Silicon Valley ·http://BigDataExpo.net

@acmurthy – Arun C Murthy
Founder & Architect, Hortonworks. VP, Apache Hadoop, Apache Software Foundation i.e. Chair, Hadoop PMC. Moving Hadoop forward since day one, since 2006. – online · http://people.apache.org/

@infoarbitrage – Roger Ehrenberg
Big Data VC at IA Ventures. Data junkie. Quant dude. Baseball coach. – ÜT: 40.76136,-73.980129 ·http://www.iaventures.com

@jeffreyfkelly – Jeff Kelly
I am an Industry Analyst covering Big Data and Business Analytics at The Wikibon Project and SiliconANGLE – Boston · http://wikibon.org

@timoreilly – Tim O’Reilly
Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, helping the future unfold. – Sebastopol, CA · http://radar.oreilly.com

@digiphile – Alex Howard
Gov 2.0 @Radar Correspondent, @OReillyMedia: alex@oreilly.com. Intrigued by technological change, taken with ideas, cooking, the outdoors, books, dogs and media – Washington, DC ·http://radar.oreilly.com/alexh

@band – William L. Anderson
Sociotechnical systems developer, open access advocate, and editor at CODATA Data Science Journal – Austin Texas

@HenryR – Henry Robinson
Engineer @ Cloudera, Zookeeper committer / PMC member, professional dilettante – San Francisco, CA · http://the-paper-trail.org/

@furrier – John Furrier
Silicon Valley entrepreneur Founder SiliconANGLE Network. Inventing New Things, Blogging, Tweeting Social Media – Palo Alto, California · http://SiliconAngle.com

@mikeolson – Mike Olson
Cloudera CEO – Berkeley, California · http://www.cloudera.com/

@davenielsen – Dave Nielsen
Co-founder of CloudCamp & Silicon Valley Cloud Center – Mountain View, Ca ·http://www.platformd.com

@znmeb – M. Edward Borasky
Media Inactivist, Thought Follower, Sit-Down Comic, Former Boy Genius, Real-Time Data Journalism Researcher, Open Source Appliance Maker And Mathematician – Portland, OR ·http://j.mp/compjournoserver

@rizzn – Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins
I’m the editor in chief for SiliconANGLE and the purveyor of fine content at rizzn.com. · http://rizzn.com

@edd – Edd Dumbill
Telling the story of our future, where technology is headed, and what we need to know now. O’Reilly Strata and OSCON program chair. Incurably curious – California · http://eddology.com/

@kellan – Kellan E
Technological solutions for social problems. CTO, Etsy. (if you follow me, consider introducing yourself with @kellan message) #47 – Brooklyn, NY · http://laughingmeme.org

@mikeloukides – Mike Loukides
VP Content Strategy, O’Reilly Media, pianist, ham radio op usually in Connecticut

@laurelatoreilly – Laurel Ruma
Director of Talent (speaker and author relations) at O’Reilly Media. Homebrewer, foodie, farmer in the city – Cambridge, MA · http://www.oreilly.com

@neilraden – Neil Raden
VP/Principal Analyst,Constellation Research;Analytics, BigData, DecisionManagement. Author/Writer,Blogger,Speaker.Husband/(Grand)Father
Santa Fe, NM ·http://www.constellationrg.com/search/node/Neil%20Raden

@greenplum – Greenplum
Greenplum, a division of EMC is driving the future of big data analytics.
San Mateo, California · http://www.greenplum.com/

@squarecog – Dmitriy Ryaboy
Analytics Tech Lead at Twitter. Apache Pig committer.
San Francisco

@BigData_paulz – Paul Zikopoulos
Director of Technical Professionals for IBM’s Information Management, BigData, and Competitive Database divisions. Published 15 books and over 350 articles.

@moorejh – Jason H. Moore
Third century professor, Director of the Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Sciences at Dartmouth College, Editor-in-Chief of BioData Mining – Lebanon, NH, USA · http://www.epistasis.org

@GilPress – Gil Press
I launched the #BigData conversation; Writing, research, marketing services;http://whatsthebigdata.com/ & http://infostory.wordpress.com/

@ToddeNet – Todd E. Johnson PhD
Educational Access and Academic Sustainability • STEM •Data Informed Decisions (DID) • Always Dreaming and Learning(ADL)….Tweets here are my own!!
Olympia, WA · http://www.linkedin.com/in/toddenet

@digimindci – Orlaith Finnegan
Provider of Competitive Intelligence & Market Intelligence Software. Online Reputation, Real-time Web Monitoring and Analysis, Social Media Monitoring.
Boston, Paris, Singapore · http://www.digimind.com

@SmartDataCo – Smart Data Collective
Expert writers on analytics, BI and big data brought to you by the folks at Social Media Today.com ·http://smartdatacollective.com

@al3xandru – Alex Popescu
NOSQL Dreamer http://mynosql.tv, Software architect, Founder/CTO InfoQ.com, Web aficionado, Speaker, iPhone: 44.441881,26.139629 · http://mynosql.tv

@marksmithvr – Mark Smith
CEO & Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research – http://www.ventanaresearch.com & follow

@ventanaresearch – San Ramon, CA · http://marksmith.ventanaresearch.com/

@BernardMarr – Bernard Marr
Leading global authority and best-selling author on delivering, managing and measuring enterprise performance – London

@johnlmyers44 – John L Myers
Senior Analyst for EMA Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing practice specializing in telecom analytics and business process management – Boulder, Colorado ·http://www.enterprisemanagement.com/about/team/John_Myers.php

@leenarao – Leena Rao
Tech Writer (tech Crunch), dog-lover, foodie, quirky – Chicago

@HKotadia – Harish Kotadia Ph.D
Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Social CRM and CRM. Work for Infosys (NASDAQ: INFY). Views and opinion expressed are my own. – Dallas, Texas, USA · http://HKotadia.com/

@chuckhollis – Chuck Hollis
technologist, marketeer, blogger and musician working for EMC.
Holliston, MA · http://chucksblog.emc.com

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